Plan Ahead Events Boulder is committed to producing professional events for our clients, while providing the highest quality service.  We provide event management services to support corporate events, fundraising efforts, and special events nationwide.  With over a decade of experience with full-service meeting and event management, PAE Boulder can conceptualize and implement meetings and events of all sizes and calibers.  As experts in our industry, we maintain national strategic relationships and an extensive knowledge base that provide the resources necessary to plan, execute, and evaluate meetings and events at any level.  We start by developing a thorough understanding of your brand and your unique objectives, and we offer comprehensive services to help you achieve them.

If you are looking for support in specific areas, we can also provide individual services to help your team as needed.  Let us know what you are working on, and we will share several different ways we can help!


Plan Ahead Events Boulder provides logistical support for organizations of all sizes, ranging from local arts organizations to national conservation networks.  Our core services include conference and meeting management, fundraising support, marketing and media relations, and special event coordination.  We offer full-service support, or we are happy to take on one or two specific components that you find to be the most stressful.  We are happy to help!

Merix Gustin, Director of Event Operations

Drawing on over a decade of experience managing event logistics and leading marketing communications, Merix Gustin is the principle operations director for Plan Ahead Events Boulder. In this role, she manages logistics for organizations focused on driving a positive impact on their community, ranging from the arts and culture arena to global conservation efforts. Her varied background in the hospitality industry, fundraising and development, and the corporate world provide a steadfast foundation for her work managing events for non-profit organizations.

Even with the rapid development of virtual solutions, she firmly believes that there will never be a substitute for face-to-face connection when it comes to education, innovation, collaboration or celebration. However, it takes a lot of work to bring a group together under one roof, no matter how small or large! Passionate about the potential impact of large scale events, Merix founded PAE Boulder in 2014 to provide services that help organizations streamline their strategic operations, with a focus on corporate event management and fundraising. Whether a client is producing a national conference for 1,000 or local gala auction, PAE Boulder is focused on providing professional resources that allow them to concentrate on the critical tasks related to their unique cause while Merix and her team manage the specific details. With the support of dedicated and organized project management, the powerful results of that human connection will always make it worth the investment.

When she’s not working, this Boulder native enjoys experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, singing with Sound Circle(a women’s a cappella ensemble), and enjoying life in Colorado with her partner Brian.  Merix has a BA from DePauw University, and holds an MBA focused on Marketing and Communications from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Fundraising & Auction Support

With over a decade of experience working with non-profit organizations, we offer affordable professional fundraising support that meets your specific needs.  We can provide a comprehensive package to support your team from start to finish, or simply provide on-site administrative services.  Let us know what you find to be the most stressful, and we’ll share some ways we think we can help!  We offer a flat fee, based on the size and duration of your event – just tell us a little bit about your vision and ask for a quote.  With our team on-site, your staff and board can do the most important work at the event – develop relationships and raise money!

  • Fundraising Strategy:  We can help brainstorm ideas for your event, based on your previous successes and challenges.  We also help our clients set specific financial goals and define other ways you can measure a successful event.  We’ll review fundraising best practices with you, including innovative approaches we have seen work for other groups.
  • Technology:  The technology platform that you use can have a huge impact on your guests’ experience, as well as your bottom line.  We have worked with many systems and can use one that your team is already comfortable with.  We can also recommend a very affordable platform we often use that will create a unique website to sell tickets, promote your event, and manage bidding accounts.
  • On-Site Support:  Our team will support your event logistics on-site.  We’ll bring the hardware needed to manage bidder accounts, charge credit cards, and print receipts.  We register guests when they arrive, collecting their information up front to guarantee a seamless check-out process.  Our auction architects will also coordinate silent auctions, clerk live auctions and paddle-raisers, and record winning bids.
  • Post-Event Reporting:  When your event is over, we reconcile all payments and finalize the transactions with your guests.  We’ll work alongside you to ensure that your donors have all received records of their transactions.  We will also build you a final report with records of items and sales, a financial recap, auction summary, attendee information, and notes to jump-start the committee next year.

Curious?  We’re passionate about the important work non-profits do in their communities, and are always up for a conversation about best practices that help organizations reduce costs and increase revenues.  Contact us at info@paeboulder.com anytime to schedule a free brainstorming session!


We love sharing resources and new ideas on our blog.  Let us know if you have any questions you want us to explore here!

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